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Server Rules

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A PG-21 server:
This is a PG-21 server. This means that we expect our players to be grown ups that can handle things getting rough at times. A PG-21 server allows evil roleplay, such as torture and kidnapping. If a player doesn’t want to participate in this, he has the right to write an OOC message, informing the others that he doesn’t want to be a part of it. The other players then have to either kill the character, and continue their sadistic roleplay, or release the character with a message like: *releases “character” after having whipped him X amount of times*.

Erotic roleplay is not forbidden, but if it is performed in public, you will be arrested by guards and harassed by other players. You should expect that characters that encounter you doing this kind of roleplay in public will be so offended and disgusted by it that they will either beat you up and potentially kill you so that you lose one of your precious PvP lives, or report it to the guards. In other words: keep it private, nobody wants to witness that shit.

In general we aim to have as few rules as possible in order to maximise the freedom of the players. We do however need a few rules and guidelines, these will be listed below. New rules might be added in the future if deemed necessary.

Don't be an asshole:
As a general rule try not to be an asshole for the sake of being an asshole unless you are fully prepared for the predictable ingame consequences. If you cannot resist the urge, don't whine to DM's or server leaders when other players gang up on you and take you out, because we simply don't care.

No Forum RP:
All RP must take place ingame. The forum is only for publicly known general information for merchants, guild information, events or other relevant things.

Stay IC:
Players should stay In Character(IC) and roleplay their chosen personalities at all times. Out Of Character (OOC) writing should be kept to a minimum. Metagaming is not allowed.

Only DM's can enforce skill rolls:
So do not try to force other players to go along with your skill rolls if they do not feel like it. Some people prefer to play out situations in RP instead.

Deliberate cheating:
Any players caught in deliberate cheating or manipulation of the old game engine risks getting punished by losing their characters, and in extreme cases, by getting banned from the server. This includes such cheating as using bugs or bad game design to quick-cast spells.

Inducing Memory Loss:
If a character knocks someone unconscious he can choose to RP beat up the character further and induce a short term memory loss. It is therefore not necessary to kill a character to make them forget if they have seen something that they should not have seen.

PvP rules:
Players do not need other player’s consent in order to engage in PvP, all they need is a reason. A reason could be several things, including but not limited to:
- An assassination contract has been offered to you and you are of evil alignment.
- Someone ridiculing you or offending your honor.
- Wanting to rob someone is not considered an outright reason to kill them. Instead the robber can use the Non-Lethal battle system to beat down the character - once he is unconscious, you can use the rob target feat and take his gold. You can’t rob the same character more than once per day IRL. If your character is loaded with money, it might be worth considering paying the expensive fee to open a bank account!
- Someone belittling your god to your face while you are a very religious individual.

If players do not want to risk giving another player a valid reason to engage in PvP, they should simply refrain from offending or being provocative in their roleplay. There might not be much honor in subjugation, but you might live a little longer!

Before you attack someone in PvP, you should put your target on hostile so that they can respond properly with spells etc. Failure to do so could result in a an annulment of the conflict. You can put them hostile at any point, when you log in, or the second before you attack them, as long as it is done before you attack them.

If a disagreement breaks out on whether or not a character had a reason to engage you in PvP, a DM will decide on the matter. If he decides that there was no sufficient reason, he will return the lost EXP and life to the killed player, and the people involved will continue to behave, as if nothing ever happened.

When a character is killed in PvP, that character loses 1 out of the 10 lives he starts with. When a character has no more lives, he can no longer return to the world of the living. He must then either make a bargain, in which he offers up something valuable, with one of the gods in return for another life (contact a DM), or let his character die permanently.
Because of the threat of permanent death, players should opt to use the Non-Lethal battle system, unless it is important for their character or the future RP to actually kill the person they have engaged in battle.

After a PvP engagement, the character that died forgets everything that happened leading up to the conflict. The two players cannot engage in PvP again before the next day IRL, unless both parties consent to it. If there is no mutual consent, and the two characters cannot be in the same room realistically without engaging in battle, then the character that lost the PvP engagement gets a strong urge to leave the company of his killer.

Any character becoming an actual Noble and who gets the Noble Bonuses will be put into Hardcore Mode and will have a maximum of 3 PvP lives from that point onwards.

On taking prisoners:
Players are allowed to take prisoners. This can be done through RP, or more violently by beating down players using the Non-Lethal battle system and RP that you bind them and escort them with you. If they refuse, it can also be done by killing them, moving their body, and then raising it when you are back in the prison (if the character hasn’t respawned in the meantime). However, there is one important rule to taking prisoners that must be followed: You cannot keep a prisoner for more than an hour if there is no active RP with the prisoner unless the prisoner gives his consent for the imprisonment to continue. After the prison RP has ended, and if it is not going to resume within the hour, the kidnapper must either release or kill the prisoner. If he fails to do so, the prisoner can contact a DM and ask him to help him out.

Age rules on characters:
A player’s character must be at least 18 years of age. Any characters roleplayed younger than this will get deleted, and there will be no refund of exp.

Rules on Death:
From level 10, when a character dies, he/she loses 100 EXP per level.
When a character is killed in PvP, he loses 1 of his 10 starting lives. These lives are not lost if the character dies in PvE.
You can only gain back lives from DM’s. Lives can be regained through plotlines, or by making deals with the gods. Players should be warned though, that gods do not give back lives for free. Such a deal might have a high cost, including but not limited to the loss of autonomy.

Character Rules:
Players cannot have more than two active characters. If you have more than two characters, you will need to delete one before you can leave the OOC area.

Rules on using the appearance changer:
- If your character is wearing a heavy or medium armor, it cannot be disguised to look like a piece of cloth. We do not care if your full plate looks like a chain mail - as long as it is clear to everyone involved that you are indeed wearing an armor.
- If your character is wearing a shield, you have to wear a shield. Players are not allowed to disguise the fact that they are carrying such an important piece of information. If the shield model is clipping into your armor model, you will just have to live with it, or change one of the two.
- If you character is equipped with a weapon in one of his hands, he needs to actually have a weapon in his hands - players are not allowed to hide the fact that they have drawn their weapon.

Resting Rules:
A character must be at a resting place in order to rest. There are two types of resting places. The first type of resting places can be found at some inns or private residences where there is no time limit between rests. This means that you are always able to rest at such spots, even if you have just rested a few minutes ago. The second type of resting places can be found at campsites spread around the world, and the time between rests will increase as you level up. To close the power gap between caster and non-caster classes, there are only a few of these campsites. Caster classes will therefore have to keep this in mind when they use or prepare their spells, in order to minimize the amount of time that they are vulnerable.

Time between each rest when you are resting at a campsite:
Level 1-5: No limit
Level 6: 360 seconds
Level 7: 420 seconds
Level 8: 480 seconds
Level 9: 600 seconds
Level 10: 720 seconds
Level 11: 840 seconds
Level 12:1020 seconds
Level 13: 1200 seconds
Level 14: 1380 seconds
Level 15: 1500 seconds
Level 16: 1800 seconds
Level 17: 1980 seconds
Level 18: 2160 seconds
Level 19: 2400 seconds
Level 20: 2700 seconds
Level 21: 3000 seconds
Level 22: 3300 seconds
Level 23: 3600 seconds
Level 24: 3900 seconds
Level 25: 4200 seconds
Level 26: 4800 seconds
Level 27: 5400 seconds
Level 28: 6000 seconds
Level 29: 6600 seconds
Level 30: 7200 seconds
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Re: Server Rules

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Update to rules:

Inducing Memory Loss:
If a character knocks someone unconscious he can choose to RP beat up the character further and induce a short term memory loss. It is therefore not necessary to kill a character to make them forget if they have seen something that they should not have seen.
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