Public Affairs of Neverwinter

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Public Affairs of Neverwinter

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Posted outside The Mask and maintained by the guards there.

My fellow citizens

I have been informed by The Hand of The King that I am to act as a regent on his behalf. To that end I wish to establish a method of addressing concerns within the city and making public knowledge certain facts so that there is less confusion about news and changes throughout the kingdom. To that end I will be starting this public record. My intent is share information to concerned parties as the agents of such information are often far afield and only come to the city to make certain reports. I wish to enable those agents and citizens with as much information as possible, this will also act as a public receipt for any who bring reports to myself or Lord Brinsen with me present. So, the government cannot deny any report presented to myself or in my presence was not received and allow its citizenry to know where there is failure and political excuses.