Rites of Indoctrination, Knight Corps of Neverwinter

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Rites of Indoctrination, Knight Corps of Neverwinter

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When a Squire has proven himself to stand and uphold the principles of Discipline, Loyalty, Chivalry and Obedience. He is then given orders to report to the Temple at Fort Locke for the beginning of the Rites of Initiation.

The Knight will spend a week fasting at day, only allowed water until dusk where he is to spend his time in prayer, reflection and studying the laws of the Kingdom. After this he will need to be blessed by a priest before taking on the second part of the ritual of indoctrination. He will travel to Neverwinter armed with a staff and will make his way to the Blacklake District where he will retrieve a Chalice used by our Lord King and will bring it back to Fort Locke for the Death & Rebirth ceremony.

Upon his return to Fort Locke he will fast until dusk where he will be made to lay in an open shallow grave. To signify the death of the person who he was. He will spend all night in the shallow grave until Dawn where the Commander of the Knight Corps himself will great you into your new life as a Knight of Neverwinter in the Knight’s Corps. You will take a drink from the King’s Chalice and will then move to the Temple where you will be given your sword and upon that sword you will recite the Oath of the Knight Corps.

“I pledge my service and my loyalty and life, to my Lord King Hamin Brinsen. When the war horns are sounded I will ride out and fight in the name of liege and god. Whist I draw breath the lands and people I serve will remain untainted by evil. Honor is all! Chivalry is all! This I, ( state name ) swear on my blood and breath”