Public knowledge of Clan Delzoun

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Public knowledge of Clan Delzoun

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Below is a combination of sourcebook lore and server modifications:

General knowledge:
In the rise of Neverwinther a popular dwarf by the name of Rugnar and some fellow dwarves and allies of other races, have discovered ancient ruins of the Clan Delzoun. The Delzoun clan was extinct in the year -100, due to orcs attacks, but before that their reign lasted almost 4000 years. Some dwarves of the world carry the much respected name of Delzoun as middle name, but all have a main clan which the ledge their loyalty to.
The project of the dwarves and allies in the Rise of Neverwinther is to reclaim the dwarven stronghold and reforge the glory of the past.

Rugnar was the founder of the project, but was kidnapped and killed.

Revenark is the current leader, as he was scond in command at the time of Rugnars death.

Fohgar is the clan smith, who also runs a forge in highcliff which sells all sorts of items
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The Dirge of Delzoun was an epic dwarven ballad that recounted tales of the kingdom's mightiest heroes and greatest treasures. Very little of the Dirge still exsist and only ancient tombs and exceptionally dwarven specialized bards know of small passages from the once gloryfull ballad.

It is still rather uncertain how one becomes a clansmember. Currently the name of Delzoun is carried by those most dedicated to the project, but also those who had least issues with giving up their former clan, something few dwarves take lightly.

Like their kin from Ammarindar to the south in the Greypeak Mountains, the dwarves of Delzoun were masterful smiths and stone masons.
The current clan claims ownership of the forge in Neverwinther, founded by Rugnar, and Highcliff, Build and founded by Fohgar, as their current trade.

Most of the dwarves worship each a god of the moradinsammen, and no faith is valued above others amongst clan members.
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Re: Public knowledge of Clan Delzoun

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Re: Public knowledge of Clan Delzoun

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