Gods and their power on TRON

General information about the history and current situation of the area
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Gods and their power on TRON

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Gods and their power on TRON:

- Over Deity - The most powerful of the Gods.

- Greater Deity - well known usually has millions of followers or is followed by intermediate deities or lesser who they grant power to.

- Intermediate Deity - Gods of some renown, usually has 100 of thousands of followers or is followed by Lesser deities of lesser whom they grant power to.

- Lesser Deity- The weakest of Deities usually followed by 10's of thousands of followers or followed Demi gods or lessor that they grant power to.

- Scions- Those that identify as these are on the way to transcending from a Demi God to a Full fledged Deity though it is rare that they ever succeed. They are usually followed by a large Cult /whorshipers or by Demi Gods or lessers who they can now empower within limits.

- Demi God - This is one who has nurtured the spark of divinity within them to a point that they can now access many of there godlike abilities while still retaining there mortal shell.

- Exarch - The lowest of the Demi gods and ones who have recently developed or acquired a divine spark giving them access some godlike abilities. Most never rise above this.

- Ascendant- Those that have the makings or the divine spark dormant within then and have not yet ignited it, though may have access to minor godlike abilities. Though most go there whole life without igniting there spark.

Thank you DM Bonkers for doing ground work for this so that all the players can get a sense of the ingame power of the different divine entities on this server!
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