House Tully History Overview

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House Tully History Overview

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Perched atop the windswept cliffs of the Island of the Flounder, the Seaspire Fortress stands as both a sentinel of medieval power and a repository of untold secrets. This island, a desolate expanse of frozen landscapes, hides its enigmatic history beneath layers of ice that refuse to melt, while House Tully's legacy is woven into the very fabric of this stark realm.

The Island of the Flounder, situated south of the Sea of Moving Ice, is a land where the relentless cold shapes the landscape. Vast expanses of ice, towering glaciers, and ancient forests characterize the island's terrain, creating a hauntingly beautiful tableau. Against this backdrop, the Seaspire Fortress rises defiantly, carved into the cliffs as if an extension of the natural world.

The Seaspire, named for the ceaseless sea that crashes against its stone walls, boasts formidable medieval architecture. Its dark, imposing stone walls are fortified with battlements and watchtowers, evoking a sense of strength and permanence. Massive iron gates, weathered by the passage of time, guard the fortress's sole entrance, while a labyrinth of narrow passages and winding staircases winds its way through the heart of the stronghold.

But beneath the fortress lies the heart of the island's mystery—a cavernous opening facing the restless sea. Within its depths, ancient whispers and legends tell of an Ice Dragon that once found solace here. The inhabitants of the Seaspire, in a bygone era, revered and served this mythical creature, and the cave's interior still bears traces of their devotion.

The cave is a breathtaking spectacle, a world of ice and wonder. Stalactites, like frozen spears, hang from the cavern's vaulted ceiling, while the cave floor is adorned with intricate patterns of ice crystals. The walls bear the scars of time, etched with stories of ages long past. Sculptures resembling the likeness of the Ice Dragon stand as both tribute and offering to the guardian of old.

Over the centuries, the Seaspire has transformed from a dragon-worshipping citadel into a resilient fortress, guarding against the harsh elements and potential invaders. The island's inhabitants rely on the bountiful fishing waters and the rich veins of gold and silver hidden beneath the eternal ice for their livelihood.

House Tully, once seafaring people, have risen to prominence in the service of the Kingdom of Neverwinter. They vigilantly patrol the coast, protecting trade routes from the menace of pirates and raiders, while their noble presence extends to Port Llast, a small port town on the mainland under their domain.

The annual Festival of the Tides is a cherished tradition observed by House Tully and the people of the Isles of the Flounder. Offerings and feasts are cast into the vast ocean, beseeching Sarmit'thax, the Sea Dragon, for blessings of fruitful fishing and safe voyages. This joyous celebration unites the island's inhabitants and the port town's peasantry, fostering a sense of unity and hope amidst the icy unknown.

House Tully's sigil—a Blue Flounder in the sea—symbolizes their connection to the waters, while their house colors of blue and white reflect the island's stark beauty. The house's rich history is intertwined with the tragic tale of King Henry Bailey's betrayal, the curse of undeath, and the redemption brought forth by the New King of Neverwinter, Hamin Brinsen. House Tully, now free from their curse, stands loyal to their kingdom, their island, and the timeless Seaspire Fortress they call home.
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Re: House Tully - Cursed.

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In the annals of House Tully's history, there existed a dark and tragic chapter—a tale of betrayal, curses, vengeance, and ultimate redemption.

It all began during the reign of King Henry Bailey, a monarch who harbored jealousy and fear toward the rising influence and power of House Tully within the Kingdom of Neverwinter. House Tully, originally seafaring people, had ascended to greatness, becoming one of the realm's Great Houses. They played a pivotal role in patrolling the coast, safeguarding trade routes against pirates and raiders, and overseeing the prosperity of the island known as the Island of the Flounder.

King Henry, consumed by his paranoia and ambition, hatched a treacherous plan to rid himself of House Tully's influence. He concocted a ruse that led the Tullys to embark on a perilous quest—a fool's errand meant to track down elusive pirates plaguing the kingdom's shores. Unbeknownst to House Tully, this quest was a dark deception, and King Henry had made a nefarious pact with a malevolent force, intending to trap and curse the noble House.

As House Tully's navy sailed into the treacherous waters, they were ambushed by the forces of darkness. King Henry's betrayal was complete, and the curse of undeath descended upon the Tullys and their loyal sailors, transforming them into dreaded Death Knights, doomed to roam the seas as ghostly marauders.

Years passed, and the cursed Tullys, their souls bound to their undead forms, wandered the seas, their existence an endless torment. The curse was a bane, and the once-noble House was reduced to vengeful specters, harboring an insatiable thirst for retribution against the one who had betrayed them—King Henry Bailey.

As fate would have it, King Henry's line eventually came to an end. The New King of Neverwinter, Hamin Brinsen, ascended the throne, and with a heart full of empathy, he sought to right the wrongs of the past. Learning of the Tullys' curse and their tragic fate, King Hamin Brinsen embarked on a quest of his own—to free them from their torment and bring them back into the fold of the kingdom.

Through great courage and the intervention of powerful magic, King Hamin Brinsen confronted the vengeful Death Knights and their undead fleet. After a fierce and harrowing battle, he managed to break the curse that bound House Tully and their loyal sailors to their ghostly forms.

The Tullys, now free from the curse of undeath, were overcome with gratitude. They pledged their unwavering loyalty to King Hamin Brinsen and returned to their island, the Island of the Flounder, to restore it to its former glory.

The Seaspire Fortress, their ancestral stronghold, once more stood as a symbol of strength and honor. House Tully, with their proud sigil—a Blue Flounder in the sea—and their house colors of blue and white, resumed their role as noble stewards of the island and protectors of the coast.

The tragic tale of House Tully's betrayal and curse had come full circle, transformed into a story of redemption and loyalty. Under the benevolent rule of King Hamin Brinsen, the Tullys found a new purpose and a brighter future, their legacy forever intertwined with the island they called home, the sea they revered, and the kingdom they served.
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Re: House Tully - Building a Navy

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In the early days of House Tully's ascendancy within the Kingdom of Neverwinter, their journey was not marked by instant glory and naval might. Instead, it was a tale of patience, determination, and the slow but steady building of a formidable navy and fleet.

House Tully had humble beginnings as seafaring people, with a deep-rooted connection to the sea. As they rose to prominence within the kingdom, they recognized the strategic importance of having a powerful navy to safeguard the coastal waters and protect vital trade routes.

The first steps towards building their naval prowess were cautious and calculated. They started with a small fleet of fishing boats and trading vessels, adapted for defense and patrol duties. These vessels, though modest in size, were crewed by skilled and loyal sailors, many of whom had spent their lives on the sea.

Under the leadership of Lord Tully and his heirs, the House began investing in shipbuilding. They established a shipyard near the coast, where skilled craftsmen and shipwrights worked tirelessly to construct vessels that would become the backbone of their future navy. These early ships bore the hallmark of House Tully—a Blue Flounder in the sea—as a symbol of their maritime heritage.

The growth of House Tully's navy was not without its challenges. Competition with rival houses, political intrigues, and the constant threat of piracy and raiders tested their resolve. But House Tully remained steadfast in their commitment to their coastal domain and the protection of the kingdom.

Over the years, they expanded their fleet, acquiring larger warships and galleys equipped with powerful ballistae and trained crews. With each passing season, their naval capabilities grew stronger, and their presence on the seas became more pronounced.

One by one, coastal towns and villages under House Tully's domain began to flourish, benefiting from the increased security provided by the growing navy. Trade prospered, and the people of the region enjoyed newfound prosperity. House Tully's reputation as skilled sailors and vigilant protectors of the coast became widely acknowledged throughout the kingdom.

As the years turned into decades, House Tully's navy evolved into a force to be reckoned with, patrolling the waters and defending against pirates and threats from the sea. Their naval power extended beyond defense, as they engaged in naval skirmishes, securing their reputation as formidable naval commanders.

The House's commitment to naval excellence reached its zenith when they constructed the grand flagship, the "Sea Guardian." This majestic vessel, resplendent with House Tully's colors and sigil, became a symbol of their naval supremacy and a testament to their enduring connection to the sea.

Through patience, dedication, and a deep understanding of the sea, House Tully had transformed from seafaring folk into the stalwart guardians of Neverwinter's coast. Their navy, once a modest collection of fishing boats, had become a formidable force, ensuring the safety of trade routes, defending against external threats, and securing their place as one of the kingdom's most influential noble houses. The slow and deliberate path they had taken in building their navy had ultimately led to their well-deserved status as naval leaders within the realm.
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Re: House Tully - Economy

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House Tully, once known as seafaring folk, had carved a unique and prosperous niche for itself within the Kingdom of Neverwinter. Their economy was a testament to their resourcefulness, adaptability, and a deep connection to the sea.

In the early days of their rise to prominence, House Tully recognized the wealth that lay beneath the waves. Fishing became their primary source of income, as skilled fishermen cast their nets into the frigid waters of the nearby sea. The abundance of marine life in those waters allowed them to harvest bountiful catches, which were then sold in the bustling markets of the kingdom.

As their influence grew, House Tully expanded their economic ventures beyond fishing. They established small ports along the coast, where trading vessels would dock to exchange goods and commodities. This maritime trade route soon became a vital artery, connecting the resources of the kingdom's heartland with the wealth of the coastal region.

House Tully's economy thrived not only on the sea but also beneath the frozen ice. Beneath the island they called home, rich veins of gold and silver lay dormant, waiting to be discovered. The Tullys invested in mining operations, delving deep into the icy earth to extract precious metals. These resources became a source of wealth and power, further enhancing their standing within the kingdom.

The island's inhabitants, supported by the prosperity brought by House Tully's economic ventures, flourished in a society that valued the sea as a way of life. They built thriving communities, and coastal towns such as Port Llast became bustling centers of commerce and culture.

The success of House Tully's economy wasn't solely based on material wealth. They also fostered a spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. Shipbuilding became an art form, with skilled craftsmen constructing vessels that would not only serve as tools of trade but also as symbols of maritime pride.

House Tully's connection to the sea extended beyond the realm of economics. They recognized the importance of safeguarding the coastal waters and trade routes. As their navy grew, they took on the responsibility of patrolling the sea, protecting against pirates and raiders, and ensuring the safe passage of vessels.

Their commitment to naval excellence was a wise investment. It not only secured their own economic interests but also strengthened their position within the kingdom. They were respected not only for their economic prowess but also for their vigilant guardianship of the coastal realm.

In times of celebration, the people of the island and coastal towns would gather for the Festival of the Tides—a tradition observed by House Tully for generations. During this event, offerings were set adrift on the sea, a symbolic gesture of gratitude to the great sea dragon, Sarmit'thax, and a wish for prosperous fishing and safe voyages.

House Tully's economy was a testament to their adaptability, resourcefulness, and enduring connection to the sea. It allowed them to rise from humble origins to become one of the kingdom's most influential and respected noble houses, shaping the economic landscape of the coastal region and leaving a lasting legacy of maritime prosperity.
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Re: House Tully - Culture

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House Tully and the Island of the Flounder are inseparably entwined, their culture a reflection of their deep-rooted connection to the sea and the unique heritage of this coastal realm.

The Maritime Legacy:
House Tully's origins as seafaring people have left an indelible mark on their culture. Their relationship with the sea is not just a source of livelihood but a way of life. Fishing, once the lifeblood of the island, remains a cherished tradition, with skilled fishermen casting their nets into the frigid waters, carrying on the legacy of their ancestors. The sea, with its abundant marine life, is both provider and protector, and House Tully's culture venerates it as such.

The Festival of the Tides:
One of the most significant cultural events on the Island of the Flounder is the Festival of the Tides. This annual celebration is a time of great rejoicing, where the island's inhabitants and those from nearby coastal towns gather to honor the sea and its mythical guardian, Sarmit'thax. The festival is marked by feasts, music, dances, and a unique ritual where offerings and delicacies are set adrift on the ocean's currents, a symbolic gesture to appease the sea dragon and seek her blessings for bountiful fishing and safe voyages. It is a joyous occasion that strengthens the bonds of community and reaffirms the island's cultural identity.

Seafaring Traditions:
The Island of the Flounder's culture is steeped in seafaring traditions. Shipbuilding, once a practical necessity, has become an art form. Skilled craftsmen construct vessels that are not only seaworthy but also works of art, bearing intricate carvings and the sigil of House Tully—a Blue Flounder in the sea. These ships are a source of pride, symbolizing the island's maritime heritage and its enduring connection to the sea.

The Connection to House Tully:
House Tully's culture is intertwined with the island's way of life. As the island's noble stewards, they not only protect and govern but also lead by example. Their dedication to safeguarding the coastal waters and trade routes, their commitment to the Festival of the Tides, and their support of the island's economic endeavors all play a pivotal role in shaping the culture of the realm.

Unity and Resilience:
The culture of the Island of the Flounder is a reflection of the resilience of its people. Living in a harsh, icy landscape, the inhabitants have learned to adapt and thrive. They value unity, cooperation, and the bonds of community, knowing that in the face of challenges from the sea and the surrounding wilderness, strength lies in unity.

In conclusion, the culture of House Tully and the Island of the Flounder is a harmonious blend of maritime traditions, reverence for the sea, and a commitment to preserving their unique way of life. It is a culture that celebrates their history, their connection to the great sea dragon Sarmit'thax, and the enduring legacy of House Tully as both protectors and stewards of this coastal realm.
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Re: House Tully - Military power

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House Tully, within the Kingdom of Neverwinter, wields a formidable military power, honed through generations of dedication to safeguarding their coastal domain and ensuring the security of vital trade routes. Their military strength is characterized by both land and naval forces, making them a versatile and influential house within the realm.

Naval Dominance:
One of the hallmarks of House Tully's military power is their commanding naval fleet. Born from their seafaring heritage, their navy is not only a symbol of maritime prowess but also a vital asset for defending their coastal territories. The Tully fleet comprises warships, galleys, and skilled crews, making it a formidable presence on the seas. They patrol the coastal waters, protecting against pirate incursions and ensuring the safe passage of trade vessels. This naval dominance has earned them the reputation of being vigilant guardians of Neverwinter's shores.

Strategic Positioning:
The geographical advantage of the Island of the Flounder, House Tully's ancestral stronghold, plays a significant role in their military strategy. Located south of the Sea of Moving Ice, it serves as a crucial outpost for monitoring and securing trade routes, effectively preventing piracy and raiding along the coast. House Tully's control over this strategic position is a testament to their military foresight.

Land Forces:
While their naval strength is renowned, House Tully also maintains a capable land-based military force. Garrisoned within the Seaspire Fortress and other key locations on the island, their troops are well-trained and disciplined. These forces serve not only as a defensive bulwark but also as a means of maintaining order and protection for the island's inhabitants.

Alliances and Loyalties:
House Tully's military power is further amplified through alliances and loyalties within the kingdom. Their commitment to patrolling the coast and safeguarding trade routes benefits the entire realm, earning them respect and support from other noble houses. This network of alliances enhances their overall military strength and influence within the kingdom.

The leadership of House Tully, with its long history of naval expertise, ensures the effective utilization of their military resources. Lords and commanders are well-versed in maritime strategy, and their commitment to training and discipline is reflected in the capabilities of their forces.

In conclusion, House Tully's military power is a reflection of their dedication to safeguarding their coastal domain, protecting trade routes, and serving the kingdom as vigilant defenders of the sea. Their formidable naval fleet, strategic positioning, capable land forces, and alliances within the kingdom all contribute to their status as a house of significant military influence within the Kingdom of Neverwinter.
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Re: House Tully - Prophecy's and Lore

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The lore surrounding the return of the Dragon Sarmit'thax is deeply ingrained in the culture and history of House Tully and the Island of the Flounder. Passed down through generations, these prophecies and tales serve as a testament to the enduring bond between the noble house and the mythical sea dragon.

The Prophecy of the Dragon's Return:
One of the most cherished and revered prophecies among the island's inhabitants is that of the Dragon's Return. It foretells of a time when the great sea dragon, Sarmit'thax, will reemerge from the depths of the sea and return to her ancestral home, the Island of the Flounder. Her return is said to be heralded by celestial signs—a dance of stars and the illumination of the night sky by the dragon's presence.

The Guardian's Awakening:
According to lore, Sarmit'thax has long served as the guardian of the coastal realm, protecting the people and sailors from the perils of the sea. Her awakening is believed to coincide with times of great need and danger. When storms rage and pirates threaten the waters, the people of the island turn their hopes to the dragon, believing that she will rise once more to safeguard their shores.

The Rituals of the Festival of the Tides:
The Festival of the Tides, a cherished annual celebration, is more than a mere tradition—it is a living prophecy. During this festival, offerings and delicacies are set adrift on the ocean's currents, symbolizing a pact between the island's inhabitants and Sarmit'thax. It is believed that these offerings appease the sea dragon and invite her benevolence, ensuring a year of bountiful fishing and safe voyages.

The Fabled Tomb in the Veil Peaks:
A tomb, rumored to be created by House Tully's ancestors, is said to hold the first clues to the mystery of Sarmit'thax's disappearance and her eventual return. The legends speak of an expedition that will venture into the treacherous Veil Peaks, a mountain range in the Spine of the World, to uncover the secrets hidden within the tomb's depths. It is believed that these secrets will guide the way to Sarmit'thax's return.

The Symbol of House Tully:
The sigil of House Tully—a Blue Flounder in the sea—holds great significance in the lore surrounding Sarmit'thax. It symbolizes their enduring connection to the sea and their role as protectors of the coastal realm. It is said that the dragon herself bestowed this sigil upon the house as a mark of her favor.

The Legacy of Faith:
Throughout the centuries, the people of the Island of the Flounder and the coastal towns have maintained their faith in the return of Sarmit'thax. It is a faith rooted in their culture, a belief that the dragon's watchful eye continues to protect them, even in her absence.

In conclusion, the prophecies and lore surrounding the return of the Dragon Sarmit'thax are an integral part of House Tully and the Island of the Flounder's identity. They instill a sense of hope, faith, and reverence for the sea dragon, uniting the community in the shared belief that one day, Sarmit'thax will rise again to guard their coastal home.
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Re: House Tully - Expedition to the spine of the world

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The expedition into the treacherous Spine of the World was a daring and perilous quest led by Lord Fredrick Tully, whose noble lineage was deeply intertwined with the mysteries of the ancient dragon, Sarmit'thax. As they journeyed through the rugged and unforgiving terrain of the mountain range, the adventurers faced numerous challenges and unearthed secrets hidden for centuries.

The journey began with the adventurers braving fierce blizzards and navigating treacherous snowy mountain passes. The icy winds howled relentlessly, and snowdrifts threatened to obscure their path. With unwavering determination, they pressed on, driven by their quest to uncover the truth about Sarmit'thax.

Their path eventually led them to the crypts, where the restless spirits of House Tully's long-dead warriors stirred, disturbed by some malevolent force that had defiled their eternal rest. The adventurers found themselves in fierce battles with the undead, their courage and skill tested to the limit as they fought to pacify these once-loyal soldiers.

Amid the crypts, they discovered cryptic clues that pointed to both demons and the legendary sea dragon. It seemed that these clues were guiding them towards a greater revelation, and the adventurers felt an increasing sense of urgency to reach the mountain summit where the answers awaited.

As they ascended to the highest peaks of the Spine of the World, their path was fraught with peril. Yet, they were undeterred, for they were driven by a profound curiosity and a commitment to uncovering the secrets of Sarmit'thax. The ancient dragon remained an enigmatic figure, and her connection to House Tully and the island's history was a puzzle they were determined to solve.

Upon reaching the summit of the Spine of the World, the adventurers encountered a scene of both awe and dread. It was clear that a mighty battle had once raged here, and the evidence was unmistakable. The frozen landscape bore the scars of this ancient conflict, etched into the very ice and rock.

Trapped within the icy embrace of the mountain were the remains of demon spawn. The cruel and malevolent entities had been frozen solid, their grotesque forms preserved for centuries, likely by the mighty breath of the sea dragon, Sarmit'thax. It was a haunting tableau, a testament to a last stand that had unfolded in this desolate place.

The battle had all the signs of a desperate struggle, where those who fought against the demon spawn had faced overwhelming odds. The frozen demons bore expressions of agony and rage, forever frozen in the moment of their demise. This place, high atop the world, was a chilling reminder of the ancient forces that had once clashed on these frigid heights.

For the adventurers, it was a grim revelation, and the significance of this discovery weighed heavily upon them. The connection between the demons, the sea dragon, and House Tully's history became more apparent, and the expedition's purpose appeared increasingly vital. As they gazed upon the frozen remnants of the past, they knew that their journey was far from over, and that the heart of the dragon's mystery still awaited discovery.

As the expedition party delved deeper into the summit's crypt, they encountered a scene of ancient carnage. The walls and halls bore the scars of a battle that had raged within these icy chambers. Charred marks and signs of violent struggle were etched into the stone, telling a tale of enduring conflict.

Throughout the crypt, they faced relentless hordes of undead. The restless spirits of House Tully's once-loyal servants, now cursed and twisted into abominable forms, sought to defend the crypt's secrets. It was a relentless and chilling gauntlet for the adventurers to navigate.

However, the party's courage and determination proved unyielding. They persevered through the harrowing battles, facing countless undead and overcoming the oppressive aura of malevolence that hung in the air. Their journey led them to the heart of the crypt, where the most powerful adversary awaited.

Here, they confronted a formidable demon, a malevolent entity that had long been imprisoned, locked in a never-ending duel with the ghost of House Tully's first ancestor. This eternal battle was one that had repeated itself over and over, with the ghost always destined to fail.

But this time, the adventurers had come to alter the course of this age-old conflict. With bravery and determination, they turned the tide, uniting with the ghost and unlocking its true potential. The demon, faced with an alliance of mortals and the spectral first Tully, met its doom. The adventurers' combined strength and unwavering resolve vanquished the demon, and it was sent back to the Hells from whence it came.

With the defeat of the demon and the release of the first Tully's spirit, the adventurers gathered to hear the ghost's tale, a story steeped in both tragedy and hope.

The ghost recounted the ancient events that had unfolded, revealing the sinister plot of the forces of Asmodeus, a malevolent entity of the Hells. These dark forces had captured the sea dragon, Sarmit'thax, binding her in astral chains to prevent her escape. This act of cruelty had enslaved the dead within the crypts, compelling them to serve the malevolent forces.

However, the ghost's story also held a glimmer of resilience and determination. It was the bond between the sea dragon and the first Tully that granted the ghost the strength to resist and fight back against the chains of enslavement. Through untold ages, the ghost had striven to thwart the plans of Asmodeus and free the sea dragon from her torment.

Now, with the adventurers by its side, the ghost saw a new opportunity to break the chains that bound Sarmit'thax and restore her to her rightful place. The expedition had discovered the pivotal information needed to take the next step in their quest—to locate the astral chains and, if possible, to free the sea dragon from her Hellish prison.